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Forced Order
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Monkey-Tailed Hero
Inventor of Dragon Radar
Protagonist's weakness
Who killed Goku's grandpa?
Desert bandit
Desert Bandit's companion
Who went to shape-shifting school with Desert Bandit's companion
Which Dragonball is Goku's favorite
How many Dragonballs are there?
First Victim of King Piccolo?
The Mark of the Demon is his sign
Technique used to trap King Piccolo
Three-eyed Martial Artist
Winner of 21st Martial Arts Tournament
Goku's first teacher
Powerful attack that makes Goku hungry
Technique that creates illusionary copies of the user
Goku's first Opponent in the 21st Martial Arts Tourny Finals
He needs water for his village
Goku's nickname for his Dragonball
What did Goku think a bride is?
Goofy little Emperor bent on world domination
Ninja Dog Henchman
Reincarnated King Piccolo's alias for Tournament
Tien's first master
First Person to reach Korin's Tower
How long did it take the first person to get the sacred water
Winner of 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament
First one of Baba's fighters
Name of Eternal Dragon?
Android Eight's nickname
What Connects Korin's Tower to Kami's Lookout
Which one of Bulma's inventions is Roshi's favorite
First wish ever made
First person revived by the dragon?
Master Crane'ss younger brother
What word does Bulma use to control Oolong
What does Goku call a plane?
What did Bulma trade Roshi for a dragonball
Winner of 23rd Martial Arts Tournament
King Piccolo was hunting
What is sacred water
Crane School signature technique
Army bent on world domination
Who lives on Fire Mountain
Who beats Yamcha in 23rd Martial arts Tournament
In charge of Muscle Tower
General with intense mental capabilities
Girl with multiple personalities
How old is Goku during first Martial arts tournament?
How old is Goku at the end of Dragonball?
How old is Bulma at the beginning of the series?
Goku's Best Friend
Deadly blast that drains the user as well as the target
Beam thatfeeds off the negative thoughts of its target and makes their heart explode
Demon who Goku enters Demon Realm to fight
Person who lost to Goku twice in World Martial Arts Tournament
Final blow used to beat Piccolo
Inventor of the Kamehameha wave
Inventor of the Super Kamehameha Wave
Magical tool that extinguishes fire
Gift from Roshi
Goku gives Piccolo this after their battle
She guards the Great Furnace
When asking the fortuneteller for the location of the bansho fan this appears in the crystal ball
When one puts on the magical crown they are...
Tien's new attack in the 23rd Budokai tournament
Goku uses this attack of Tien's against him
Why did Goku get rid of his tail
She robs the Red Ribbon Army as it was collapsing
Famous thief hired by the Red Ribbon Army
Goku goes back and time and meets a younger version of

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