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Forced Order
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Location of World Martial Arts Tournament
Races Goku in otherworld
When the protagonist shares earings with his rival
What was the Protagonist's son's first crime fighting name
Is spit out of the Ultimate Android
Massive ball of energy gathered from other lifeforms
Namekian Dragon grants
Saiyan Prince creates one of these on Earth after he is bested by Protagonist
Attack used by three eyed fighter to stall ultimate android
Demonanother version
Has a vision of the destruction of his people
Ditsy Trophy wife of a scientist
Protagonist's one fear
Enters a Tournament with the name Mr. Shin
Technique used by Saiyan Prince when he is overpowered by protagonist (
Black cat owned by a goofy genius
Blue ogre bested by Goku in a test of Strength
Stalls Kid Buu while Goku forms a spirit bomb
Human possessed by a Wizard
How old is the youngest saiyan to transform into level with golden hair (write years old at the end)
Fast monkey that the dead Goku has to catch
Person(s) who have fused with Piccolo
Tallest of the Four Kais
Protagonist has a sword fight with his
Shapeshifting Pig
Earings worn by Kais with strange abilities
His fight with Videl is a real headturner (pun)
Accumulation of the evil in Hell
Gathers the Dragonballs to revive those killed by Galactic EMperor
Who killed Freiza
Planet where Dragon can only revive one person per wish
Hercule's pretty boy student
Krillin escapes him using Solar Flare
Defeats a sick Saiyan
the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament ended in a fight between __ fighters
What part of a full-blooded Saiyan never grows
Protagonist's son's high school
New level of Saiyan strength that has long hair has no __
Sacrifices himself in a failed attempt to save his friend
Age of person to kill ultimate android
Amount of time the old fortuneteller allows Protagonist to return to life
Green creature that killed Yamcha
Saiyan from Earth
Long dead hero from Earth
Chubby coward who delivers magical beans
Number of dots on bald fighter's head
How many years was Protagonist dead (total)
Comes to Earth to avenge his brother
Home of Earth's guardian
Gohan tells the Saiyan Prince that this device is an old watch
Creates a Dragon that grants two wishes
Below the home of Earth's guardian
Goofy Scientist with a pet cat
First person killed by Goku in DBZ
Protagonist's son teaches this person to fly
Tries to Seduce Goku and keep him from getting to King Kai's planet
Narrates the fights within the World Martial Arts Tournament
Long path to Northern Kai's home
New Earth Dragon grants
Defeated by one blast from the Demon King
One Villain who actually obtained immortality was trapped in this
Level of gravity Protagonist trained under while traveling to planet Namek
Granddaughter of a false hero
Dog that befriends a pink killing machine
Mastermind Scientist behind the Red Ribbon Army
The Legendary Super Saiyan
Protagonist does this at end of his fight with Ultimate Android
The reincarnation of an evil being
Pink demon turns people into
Cat Fighter
The only person Goku uses Super-Kaio-Ken against
Is turned down by #18 during the Tournament
Attack used to kill galactic emperor
Speedy bug that Goku has to hit with a hammer
Protagonist gives his son a ____ while in intense training in a weird empty realm
He killed four members of the Ginyu Force
First 6 months of Protagonist's son's training before saiyan arrival was dedicated to learning ____
Defeats Cell in his first form
Steals time machine to travel back in time
Survives the Spirit Bomb
Pays an opponent to throw a match in the World Martial arts Tournament
Protagonist's birth name
Demon King's spit turned these people to stone
Speedy Ogre Goku tricks in order to catch
Whistling helps in his defeat
Turns Saiyans into Apes
Two kids disguised as him to enter tournament
Race That Created the Dragonballs
Technique used to stop ultimate android from blowing up the planet
A Half Saiyan with extreme hidden abilities
Protagonist and Namekian warrior both trained by wearing these
Tells Goku not to fight Freiza
Ladies man Z fighter's favorite technique
Planet where Dragon can revive people only once
Allows Saiyan Prince to escape because his friend told him to show mercy
On What planet did the protagonist train on before returning home from Namek
Eats a fatter version of himself and transforms
Nothern Kai's prized possession
Saiyan Homeworld
Android designed for the sole purpose of killing Goku
Device for calculating power levels
Watch out for the androids' _____ (first two androids)
Allows our hero's friends back in Kame House to watch the fight against the Saiyans
Move that killed Protagonist and his brother
Uses the Tri-Beam to stall a semi-perfect Cell
Warrior from Planet Zoon that is defeated easily
Offers the return of his enemies son in exchange for one hundred dead humans
time to train for saiyans' arrival
Thinks Zarbon is attractive
Alien with an Australian accent
the Kame House is his home
Protagonist and his son do this for ten days before showdown against ultimate android
Dance with unusual power (it takes two)
His death Prevents the Prince of Saiyan from gaining immortality
What does the protagonist's wife make him do when he should be training for the androids
Northern Kai is also loves
Trains the Z fighters in their preparation for the Saiyans' Arrival
Cocky kid defeated by Trunks in the Kids Division
The only thing the Protagonist loves more than fighting
When the Supreme Kai shares Earings with his assistant
Special technique of short green Ginyu fighter
Predicted his power level to be 180,000 but came short
Offers a private lesson for Goku and One other fighter in 2 to 3 hundred years
Insults the Saiyan Prince for losing after he returns injured from Earth
Hercule's huge Student
Protagonist's Son's signature move
Majin Buu's original form
A child that is nearly a mirror-image of his father
Fights Gohan and then retreats when a replacement has been discovered
Beam that supposedly nobody survives (Except protagonist)
How many years did the Z fighters have to prepare for androids
Fruit that doubles your strength
Short, bald warrior's signature attack
Level only reached by protagonist and the fusion of two children
Black participant in 25th Budokai Tournament
Protagonist's favorite move
Blonde girl at protagonist's son's school
Defeated with one punch because he left himself wide open
Is nearly killed by Dr Gero
You can talk to anybody by putting you hand on Northern Kai's ___
Wacky creator of Dynocaps always has ____ in his mouth
Wants to drain energy for Earth's strongest fighters for his evil purposes
Is absorbed by a demon and the result is a playfull killing machine
Level first reached by a child with hidden abilities
Protagonist's brother's signature attack
Girl with multiple personalities
Dyno-cap Company
What did Evil emperor want to wish for on Namekian Homeworld
Floating cat that follows Yamcha around
Tries to grow a magical tree on Earth
Nemakians do not eat only___
Blue haired woman that dated a short fighter
Freiza's Right-hand man
Transformation that turns one's hair gold
Woman who values her son's education above all else
Train for a year in one day
When Chichi sees her son transformed she calls him
Northern Kai invites them to his planet to train his students
Used to Summon the Dragon
The fusion of two Half-Saiyan children
Blinds opponents
Worn on Protagonist's son's hat
Kills 3 Z fighters single-handedly before he is easily defeated
Saiyan Prince is allowed to survive because the Protagonist wanted to show him
Pervy martial arts master's title
Goofy Ginyu's mouth blast
Grandfather of two Saiyan Grandsons
Decides whether you go to heaven or Hell
Killed alongside his son by a mysterious Saiyan
Mr. Popo shows up at the hospital riding a
Wizard who is only referenced and never shown
Instant transmission Kamehameha is used to counter Pikkon's
Goku goes makes a home for ___ but tells Gohan not to tell Chichi
Kai that comes out of a sword
Stalls Freiza while Namekian child delivers password to the earthlings
Vegeta's move used with one hand
How many years in the future is the time travelling saiyan from
Source of Saiyan's power and a weakness if pulled
Letter that appears on possessed fighters' head (under wizard's control)
Jock at protagonist's son's school
Multiplies the users strength several fold
Is ambushed while fighting the one Goku mistakingly calls 'Kamiccolo'
Hometown of Blue haired woman
Protagonist's son's alter-ego
Lives with a perverted old man
Eat one and all your wounds are gone
What could the Namekian elder bring out of a person
Protagonist's unique mode of transportation
When his friends throw a part Protagonist is late because he is protecting ____
Full Saiyan Fusion
The Saiyan Prince's father
The Namekian Warrior's name is the password to opening
Body changing Ginyu Fighter turns into a ____
Bigger Dragon on a distant planet
New Guardian on New Namek
Dragon that grants any wish
Wagers his planet against the Northern Kai over an otherworld Tournament
Thought he was the fastest in the universe
Is decapitated by the Saiyan prince on Namek

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