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Can you name the player who led each of the following categories from 2000–2011 combined?

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Can you name the player who...PlayerStat
…has the best batting average on balls hit into play?
…has grounded into the most double plays?
…has the best Fielding Independent Pitching as a starter?
…has intentionally walked the most batters?
…has the best walk rate (batter)?
…has the most bunt hits?
…has the worst walks per 9 innings rate as a reliever?
…has hit the most batters with a pitch?
…has hit the most sacrifice flies?
…has thrown the most wild pitches?
…has pitched the most complete game shutouts?
…has the best strikeout rate as a starting pitcher?
…has the most infield hits?
...struck out the most times?
…has the most wins above replacement (pitcher)?
…has struck out the most batters?
…has the highest groundball rate as a starter?
…has had the most balks?
…has been hit by the most pitches?
…has the best strikeouts per 9 innings rate as a reliever?
…has the highest strikeout rate (batter)?
…has pitched to the most batters?
…has the most strikeouts per walk as a starter?
…has had the most sacrifice hits?
…has been walked the most?
…has the most wins above replacement (batter)?

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