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Can answer all of the Six of Crows questions correctly? The questions get harder as the quiz progresses.

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How many main characters are there in Six of Crows
What is the name of the court they are trying to break into
Who hired The Dregs (and Helvar)
What is the name of Nina's Grisha order?
Who is the Commander of the druskelle?
How long ago did the treasury of the Ice Court become a prison for Grisha?
What is put on the arms of Grisha to hide them from amplifiers?
What animal is the Shu girl at the Menagerie supposed to represent?
What is the capital of the Wandering Isles?
What costume was the person who strangled the girl at the Sweet Shop wearing?
What costume was Inej wearing when they went to the Hellshow?
Which Dreg was to take the place of Matthias in Hellgate?
Who was hired by Pekka Rollins to stop Kaz and his Crew from leaving Ketterdam
What was the name of Geels' girlfriend?
Where did Elise live?
Who did Geels' take with him to the parley?
What colour are Nina's eyes?
Who said this? 'You're all horrible.'
Who said this? 'No. Not just girls.'
Who said this? 'He'll just be very bald.'
What is the Djel the god of?
What type of tree is the sacred tree?
What is the name of the Grisha healer from the book's first chapter?
What colour is kruge?
What colour are the Stadwatch uniforms?
What percentage does Per Haskell get of every job?
What is Kaz's real last name?
What is Pekka rollin's gang called?
What councilman was Retvenko indentured to?
How many different shops did Inej have to visit to find snow goggles?
Who was killed before he could board the Ferolind?
Who betrayed Kaz at the beginning of the book?
What did Nina tell Inej to get her for saving her life?
Who insulated the Slat?
Where did Kaz get the last name Brekker from?
What colour was the Fjerdan Queen wearing at Hringkalla
What was Inej's mother's favourite flowers
What colour of hair do Kaelish girls have?
What animal was the Zemeni girl supposed to be at the Menagerie?
What gem are Jesper's revolvers engraved with?
How many chambers are in Jesper's revolvers?
What instrument does Wylan play?
What colour are Matthias' eyes?
From which parent did Jesper get his gray eyes from?
How old is Wylan?
How old is Matthias?
How many druskelle are present when Nina is captured?
What is the last paragraph on page 272?
How many times is Inej's last name mentioned in the book?
How many times is Jesper's last name mentioned in the book?

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