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What is the baseball term used to describe the 'rare act of making three outs during the same continuous play'?Rookie
How many teams currently play in the MLB?Rookie
According to the current MLB rulebook, which one of the following counts as an AB (at-bat)? [A] Walk [B] Catcher's Interference [C] Error [D] Sacrifice Fly [E] Hit by PitchRookie
Which MLB team showcases the infamous 'Liberty Bell' in their official team logo?Rookie
What is the baseball term used for the stretch of dirt between the outfield grass and the outfield walls that give outfielders a heads-up that they are approaching the wall?Rookie
Landsdowne Street is the street behind the left-field wall at which MLB venue?Rookie
On April 23rd 1999, who was the player who became the first to hit 2 grand slam home runs in the same inning?Rookie
On October 8th, 1956, Don Larsen threw the only perfect game, to date, in World Series history. But who did he throw it against?Rookie
What current MLB team was originally named the Colt .45s when first established in 1962?Rookie
What is the baseball term used usually associated with the combination of a team's pitcher and catcher?Rookie
According to the current MLB rulebook, a hit fly ball that ricochets directly off either the left-field or right-field foul poles is ruled to be what?Rookie
The National Baseball Hall of Fame is located in the city of Cooperstown. Which state is Cooperstown located?Rookie
What is the baseball term used to define a player who can hit in either the left-handed or right-handed batter's box?Rookie
To date, the Toronto Blue Jays are the only team to combine for how many total home runs in one single game?Rookie
In 2010, Oakland Athletics' Dallas Braden threw a perfect game and Arizona Diamondbacks' Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter again the same team. Which team was this?Rookie
Which state homes the most current MLB teams?Rookie
What legendary MLB player is well-known for his record 56-game hitting streak?Rookie
How many current MLB teams are named after animals?Rookie
Who was the last, to date, player to hit for the Triple Crown in their league?Rookie
What legendary pitcher still holds the MLB record for most career strikeouts with 5714?Rookie
What well-known baseball player, manager, and coach has his jersey number (#33) retired with the Pittsburgh Pirates?Veteran
Who currently is the last player to end a season with a .400 or better batting average?Veteran
What current baseball team had other unofficial names such as the 'Robins', the 'Atlantics' and the 'Bridegrooms'?Veteran
The New York Yankees have the most World Series titles with 27! Their most recent title being in 2009. However, in what year did they win their 1st World Series title?Veteran
To date, there has only been 1 grand slam home run hit in MLB All-Star Game history. Who hit this one grand slam back in 1983?Veteran
Which of the current MLB club franchises was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1969?Veteran
Rick Dempsey was awarded the World Series MVP Award in 1983 while playing for which MLB team?Veteran
Who was the last pitcher to win the AL Cy Young Award while playing for an AL East Division team?Veteran
Hank Aaron spent 21 seasons with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves; however, he didn't finish his career with them. Which team did he play his last 2 seasons with?Veteran
Nolan Ryan's 7th and final no-hitter was recorded on May 1st, 1991 as a pitcher for the Texas Rangers. But what team did he no-hit that day at Arlington Stadium?Veteran
Who was the first player in MLB history to have his jersey number retired?All-Star
The Indianapolis Indians (AAA), Altoona Curve (AA), and West Virginia Power (A) are three of the Minor League affiliates to what current MLB team?All-Star
Who was the home plate umpire who called George Brett out for an obscure equipment violation in 1983, for what is now known as 'The Pine Tar Incident'?All-Star
Occurring in 1964, who is the only pitcher in MLB history to pitch a complete-game no-hitter but still lose the ballgame?All-Star
On April 22, 2007, Manny Ramirez, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, and Jason Varitek became the first group to hit 4 consecutive homeruns in Red Sox history. But who was the Yankees pitcherAll-Star
The first MLB All-Star Game was played on July 6th, 1933 in what MLB ballpark?All-Star
In the 1946 MLB All-Star Game at Fenway Park, the AL All-Stars won in the largest shut-out victory in MLB All-Star Game history by scoring how many total runs?All-Star
According to regulation, all official MLB baseballs have how many stitches in them?All-Star
Mariano Rivera is the current leader for most career post-season saves with 42! But, who has the 2nd most career post-season saves in their career?All-Star
Who is the only MLB player to hit a triple for their 3000th career hit?All-Star
What MLB player holds the record for most successful attempts at stealing home in their career?Hall of Famer
What animal is the Colorado Rockies' mascot 'Dinger'?Hall of Famer
In 1997, Jackie Robinson's number (#42) was retired throughout the MLB. However, in 2006, one team retired one other #42. Who wore that #42 jersey?Hall of Famer
Pitcher Walter Johnson obtained the AL & MLB Triple Crown in 1918. Yet, there was also a NL pitcher who pitched for the NL Triple Crown in the same year for the Chicago Cubs. Who?Hall of Famer
Today, 4 pitched balls during a single plate appearance equals a walk to the batter. But before 1880, how many balls did it take to walk a batter?Hall of Famer
Bob Casey, a Public Address Announcer from 1961-2004, was inducted into the team Hall of Fame for what MLB team in 2003?Hall of Famer
In the 1920 MLB season, Ray Chapman was hit in the head by a pitch and died from the injury. Who was the Yankees pitcher who hit Chapman that day?Hall of Famer
Edward Carl Gaedel is known for being the shortest player in MLB history at 3 feet 7 inches. His unique jersey number was what?Hall of Famer
Since 1955, an award has been given to the Most Valuable Player of the World Series for each year. But, who was the first catcher to win this award?Hall of Famer
In 1982, what legendary MLB player became the first MLB player to appear on a US postage stamp?Hall of Famer

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