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Can you identify the movie based on a wordier way to say the title?

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Flowery TitleActual Title
Untrue tales relating to inexpensive magazines
The man who serves as guardian of the child of a close friend or relative
Plundering thieves in the West Indies
Four-wheeled, self-powered vehicles fueled by internal combustion
The weakest of the four fundamental forces according to contemporary physics
Pursuit of the extremely unlikely
An urban method of transportation designated as lust or passion
Catastrophic situation signaling the end of the world, ocurring immediately
Flowery TitleActual Title
Association for fisticuffs
Formerly one of five capitals in a northwestern African kingdom
Departed from the current place accompanied by the movement of air in the atmosphere
The mystical and magical human being residing in the land whose name is the same as the abbreviation for one-sixteenth of a pound
Men attempting to pillage a misplaced holy item
Episodes of violent combat in the astronomical realm
Furious male member of the bovine family

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