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Can you name the Characters in Catch-22 ?

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Convinced people are trying to kill him
Gets lost. Smokes a pipe
Thrown out of officer's club
Raises missions constantly
Hates the South Pacific
In love with a lady of the night
Obsessed with parades
Killed by flak
Awesome at ping-pong
'Eat your liver'
Lost in a Cloud
Hospital help
Syncronises watches
Pitches horseshoes
'Take him outside and shoot him'
Worst pilot in the Air Corps
Has a fling with main protagonist
Wants to live forever
Hermit in the woods
One half of the 'gum-painters'
'Best damn bombadier we've got'
Fifteen years old
Cats sleep on his face
Turret gunner. Brings extra flak-jackets
Assisstant to one Captain
Assisstant to one Colonel
Killed on the Ferrara mission
Has a fling in Rome with main protagonist
You can only see him when he is out
Pilot. Stops bar brawls
The dead man in the tent
Builds a boiler in his tent
Wants to replace current General
Captain in charge of operations #1
Underage soldier killed by a plane
Loves her husband's cadets
Poisoned sweet potatos with soap
Stops anyone seeing the Major
Atheist assisstant. Promoted to Sergeant
American Indian
Consistently gets demoted
Completly wrapped in bandages
Too friendly to cope with
Other half of the 'gum-painters'
Captain in charge of operations #2

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