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Forced Order
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1.before we start what game is this quiz on?check the title
2.what gun do you first start with?- the gun that fires a wind blast in the direction it is pointed.leaves zombies on the ground if not killed and makes zombies fly through the air.
4.what perk can you get to but not buy in the beginning of kino der toten?- much does the first door cost?either one they cost the same much does a mp40 cost in kino der toten?-
7.true or false: is the juggernog in the same room as the m16- much does the elevator cost in five?-
9.Does upgrading a weapon as soon as you get it waste money?- the raygun considered an explosive?take into account you can kill yourself by shooting the ground with it
11.what is the name of the zombie you must kill so it won't steal your gun?only one answer and the one considered the most accurate
12.true or false: speed cola makes you move faster.-
13.How many people can play at one time?-
QuestionAnswerExtra Info.
14.what gun can you upgrade that is named: Lamentation?basically what is the gun called before you upgrade it to lamentation
15.what is the balistic knife called after you upgrade it?this one is probably hard if you dont upgrade it a lot.
16.true or false: Awful lawton is the crossbow upgraded?-
17.the dogs can come at these levels _,_,and_.answer one after another without using spaces they are in order and in number format.
18.what does kino der toten mean?they say it during the loading screen.
19.If you teleport in kino der toten, how many weapons can be successfully upgraded and picked back up?-
20.True or false: you can buy more ammo for a skull crusher?its an upgraded weapon, you must figure out which one.
21.When dogs show up the last one drops, what?-
22.what is dropped by a zombie after you kill it and is considered a chain gun/gattling gun/or just plain sick.only in five and ascension.
23.true or false: the death machine has limited ammo when picked up.-
24.true or false: the death machine has a time limit.-
25.before the game starts,what level do you start on?answer in number format.

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