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Can you name the Gears of War 3 weapons?

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Chainsaw, good ammo clip and accuracy preferred by the COG forces
It has iron sights now! preferred by Locust and Lambent forces
Baird-''A kick that will dislocate your shoulder''
COG starter pistol
Kantus and armored Kantus use these
Like a Molotov Cocktail
Thrown explosive
Thrown poisoned gas
Thrown, does no damage but conceals you or teammates
preferred by Boomers; Boomer- 'BOOM'
Underground Grenade that pops out of the ground near enemies; used by savage Boomers
Fires explosive tipped arrows
Sniper (Headshots all day?)
Crispy Fried Locust (Flamethrower)
Very short ranged shotgun
Original Shotgun
Used by Maulers to protect themselves
Fast firing gun that requires two people to carry (one for the ammo and another for the gun itself)
Grinder's weapon
Rains fire from above
Only takes one (shot)
Mech used for fighting
Mech used for Lifting
Powerful Satellite Strike
Melee weapon used by butchers and savage therons

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