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LyricsSong Title
'I'm so in love with you, My mind is set on you, This time and every time, I just can't get enough of you'
'The older that I get, The less that I regret, And baby, it's 'cause of you.'
'We won't sleep 'til 3 in the morning, This song speaks, and it's singing the real thing, It feels like we're living a dream'
'What if all the stars aligned? Could I ever make you mine? When the movie ends We can be the ever after, you and I'
'When I fall down I know I've got this weekend to live I'm gonna get my freak on It carries me and we'll be rocking our playlist'
'Take a mo-ment of the good life, Chase it down until you fall, Three hundred and sixty five nights, Why just one if we can have 'em all?'
'Wake up, Hear the same thing, My alarm rings Screamin the same time'
LyricsSong Title
'Every night I go to bed and take a trip inside my head'
'I'm barely five foot eight, No muscleman, but I can roller skate, Not the biggest sports fan, But the band drives a mean mini van'
'You've got me trippin' on my feet, My mind starts racing and my heart forgets to beat'
'You played me, made me believe that You'd be there when I need you, Now I know thats not true'
'East Coast girl trying to catch the sun, Came out West and we fell in love, Went back East 'cause she missed the snow, her heart was cold'
'Back in class, we'd yap it up. I saw you everyday, wasn't enough, and after lunch, we'd take the top down. I go to touch, you put your guard down.'

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