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Lerglet WendillgradDark Wizard
Survees PanseMaster Of Legilimency
Lecia NottolgombBellatrix Cruciatus Victim
Cleota RocwarDeath Eater
Loormav NutagVoldemort's Grandfather
Carsasin FloyamSirius's Cousin
Moccar ClengagmMember Of Slug Club
Hanele EnclavwarHogwarts Ghost
Tarimeat BomgeceedRavenclaw Student
Esolord DergibumHigh Inquisitor
Moehenir GerrangSPEW Founder
Sopicsur AlyfomDraco's Son
Geror VidaesFleur's Yule Partner
Rackgir DevlanloirWandmaker
Mosa GridyogCedric's Father
Tallibex Ansteler Azkaban Convict
Went DancasmerFamous Magi-zoologist
Mondradae OtnskNympthadora's Mother
Freirn YackbergDeath Eater
Ris Schloain Ed Syimm ProgontinHogwarts Ghost

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