Nuclei of the Brain

Can you name the nuclei of the human brain?

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HintNucleusLocated in
It's axons convey proprioceptive information to the cerebellumSpinal cord
Medial nucleus of the dorsal column pathwayCaudal medulla
Lateral nucleus of the dorsal column pathway, more lateralCaudal medulla
Axons from this nucleus are presynaptic sympathetic fibersSpinal cord
Somatic motor nucleus affected in medial medullary syndromeRostral medulla
Lesions here cause hoarseness and dysphagiaRostral medulla
Sends parasympathetic innervation from the brainstem to the heart and othersRostral medulla
Receives taste information from CN VIIRostral medulla
Afferent nucleus of the corneal reflexRostral medulla, pons
Sends contralateral fibers through the MLFPons
Receives fibers from both sides of the cortexPons
Lesions here can cause nystagmus, nauseaRostral medulla and pons
Parasympathetic nucleus of the facial nervePons
Coordinates gazePons
Receives vestibular input through the inferior cerebellar peduncleCerebellum
End of the spinocerebellar tractCerebellum
Largest of the cerbellar deep nucleiCerebellum
Receive fibers of the rubrospinal tractMidbrain
Lesions here greatly impair ocular movements in every directionMidbrain
Involved in the pupillary light reflex, receives input from retinaMidbrain
Axons from this nucleus cross the midline before reaching their target muscleMidbrain
HintNucleusLocated in
Contains dopaminergic neuronsMidbrain
Thalamic nucleus involved in Papez' circuitThalamus
Site of damage in Wernicke's encephalopathyThalamus
Nucleus that receives the output of the basal gangliaThalamus
Nucleus that receives the output of the basal ganglia and cerebellumThalamus
Contains neurons that receive somatosensory input from the contralateral bodyThalamus
Contains neurons that receive somatosensory input from the ipsilateral faceThalamus
Receives the optic tractThalamus
Projects to the auditory cortexThalamus
Synthesizes oxytocin and vasopressinHypothalamus
Synthesizes oxytocin and vasopressinHypothalamus
Stimulation of this area induces sweating/vasodilationHypothalamus
Stimulation of this area induces shivering/vasoconstrictionHypothalamus
Involved in circadian rhythmsHypothalamus
Contains leptin receptors, involved in feeding behaviorHypothalamus
Connected to the hippocampus via the fornixHypothalamus
Lesions here cause hemiballismusBasal ganglia
Together with the putamen, comprises the striatum of the basal gangliaBasal ganglia
Part of the ventral striatum, thought to play a role in addictionBasal ganglia
It's external segment is part of the indirect pathway in the basal gangliaBasal ganglia
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