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Can you name the minor characters for Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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Succeeding son of Firelord Sozin
Nomadic djembe/small drum player
First earthbender 'The Boulder' defeats in Earth Rumble 6
Civilization that discovered firebending from the dragons
Mai's younger brother
Wife of Avatar Roku
Iroh's Pai Sho opponent at the Misty Palms Oasis
Healing teacher of the Northern Water Tribe
Head of Anthropology Department in Ba Sing Se
Heads to the frontlines of the war to find his son
Gansu's Youngest Son
Son of Than and Ying
Archery expert and member of 'The Freedom Fighters'
Tries to mug Iroh and fails
Grumpy monk who was partly in charge in the Southern Air Temple
Senior Monk of the Southern Air Temple
Roku's animal guide
Avatar Kuruk's wife-to be
Led raid on the Southern Water Tribe which led to Katara's mother's death
Treated Iroh with kindness in his imprisonment

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