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Can you name the common diseases caused by these bugs?

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BugDiseaseType of Organism
Streptococcus pyogenesbacteria
Bordetella pertussisbacteria
Human immunodeficiency virusvirus
Shigella dysenteriaebacteria
Plasmodium sp. (multiple species)parasite (via mosquito)
Trypanosoma sp. (multiple species)parasite (via tsetse fly)
Helicobacter pyloribacteria
Borrelia burgdorferibacteria
Treponema pallidumbacteria
Clostridium botulinumbacteria
BugDiseaseType of Organism
Clostridium tetanibacteria
Corynebacterium diphtheriaebacteria
Varicella-Zoster virusvirus
Yersinia pesitsbacteria
Mycobacterium lepraebacteria
Mycobacterium tuberculosisbacteria
Vibrio choleraebacteria
Bacillus anthracisbacteria
Legionella pneumophilabacteria

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