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1793Liberty Cap Half Cent (Facing Left)
1794Liberty Cap Half Cent (Facing Right)
1800Draped Bust Half Cent
1809Classic Head Half Cent
1840Braided Hair Half Cent
1793Flowing Hair Chain Cent
1793Liberty Cap Cent
1796Draped Bust Cent
1808Classic Head Cent
1816Matron Head Cent
1835Modified Matron Head Cent
1856Flying Eagle Cent
1859Indian Head Cent
1909Lincoln Cent
1959Lincoln Cent (Memorial Reverse)
2009Lincoln Cent (Birth and Early Childhood Reverse)
2009Lincoln Cent (Formative Years Reverse)
2009Lincoln Cent (Professional Life Reverse)
2009Lincoln Cent (Presidency Reverse)
2010Lincoln Cent (Union Shield Reverse)
1864Two Cent Piece
1851Three Cent Piece (Silver)
1865Three Cent Piece (Nickel)
1866Shield Nickel
1883Liberty Head Nickel
1913Buffalo Nickel
1938Jefferson Nickel
2004Jefferson Nickel (Peace Medal Reverse)
2004Jefferson Nickel (Keelboat Reverse)
2005Jefferson Nickel (New Obverse)
2005Jefferson Nickel (Buffalo Reverse)
2005Jefferson Nickel (Ocean in View Reverse)
2006Jefferson Nickel (New Obverse)
1794Flowing Hair Half Dime
1796Draped Bust Half Dime
1829Capped Bust Half Dime
1837Seated Liberty Half Dime
1796Draped Bust Dime
1809Capped Bust Dime
1837Seated Liberty Dime
1892Liberty Head Dime
1916Mercury Dime
1946Roosevelt Dime
1878Seated Liberty 20 Cent Piece
1796Draped Bust Quarter
1815Capped Bust Quarter
1831Capped Bust Quarter Type 2
1838Seated Liberty Quarter
1892Liberty Head Quarter
1916Standing Liberty Quarter
1932Washington Quarter
1975Washington Quarter (Bicentennial Reverse)
1794Flowing Hair Half Dollar
1796Draped Bust Half Dollar
1807Capped Bust Half Dollar
1836Capped Bust Half Dollar Type 2
1839Seated Liberty Half Dollar
1892Liberty Head Half Dollar
1916Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1948Franklin Half Dollar
1964Kennedy Half Dollar
1975Kennedy Half Dollar (Bicentennial Reverse)
1794Flowing Hair Dollar
1795Draped Bust Dollar
1836Gobrecht Dollar
1840Seated Liberty Dollar
1873Trade Dollar
1878Morgan Dollar
1921Peace Dollar
1971Eisenhower Dollar
1975Eisenhower Dollar (Bicentennial Reverse)
1979Susan B. Anthony Dollar
2000Sacagawea Dollar (Obverse)
2000Sacagawea Dollar (Reverse)
1849Liberty Head Gold Dollar
1796Capped Bust $2.50 Gold
1821Capped Bust $2.50 Gold Type 2
1834Classic Head $2.50 Gold
1840Liberty Head $2.50 Gold
1908Indian Head $2.50 Gold
1854Princess Head $3 Gold
1879Stella $4 Gold Flowing Hair Type
1879Stella $4 Gold Coiled Hair Type
1795Capped Bust $5 Gold
1807Capped Bust $5 Gold Type 2
1834Classic Head $5 Gold
1839Liberty Head $5 Gold
1908Indian Head $5 Gold
1795Capped Bust $10 Gold
1838Liberty Head $10 Gold
1907Indian Head $10 Gold
1849Liberty Head $20 Gold
1907Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold

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