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This character is bored from the repetition of his life and wants to impress the upper class
His car is vandalized and he is unable to find a lawyer
He is enamored with Evelyn Nesbit and follows her around at the beginning of the story
She grows happier as she leaves the city and her old street life in New York behind
The fire chief who harasses Coalhouse Walker
A character who is obsessed with repetition and uses it to make his fortune
Travels to the Arctic and returns as a different man
She grows very fond of the little girl and visits her everyday in a disguise
Silhouette artist who leaves New York and his daughter to pursue a new future
Plans to help Coalhouse petition for a lawyer but is injured and dies soon after
Believes in rebirth and thinks he has lived more lives because he is so successful
Socialist who tells Mother's Younger Brother to stop pursuing Evelyn Nesbit

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