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A- transition from hunting and gathering to farming
B- defeat of the Muslims by Charles Martel in 732
C- ended the Trinitarian controversy in 325
D- one of the three languages that was included on the Rosetta Stone that allowed for the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics
E- Island in the Mediterranean where Napoleon was exiled
F- a near meltdown at this Japanese nuclear power plant has led to widespread contamination
G- defeat at this battle was one of the greatest defeats of the allies during World War I
H- William the Conqueror defeated Harold II in 1066
I- site of one of the earliest river valley civilizations in the world with cities such as Harappa
J- this elite corps of soldiers swore a dying allegiance to the Ottoman Emperor
K- This German Chancellor oversaw the reunification of Germany following the collapse of the Soviet Union
L- this raid in 793 in northern England signaled the start of the Viking invasions of Europe
M- a social networking site that revolutionized the way people interact online
N- the creation of this collective security body was meant to limit the threat of the Soviet Union
O- his heretical theology led to the formulation of the Athenasian Creed
P- these wars fought over the Ionian Islands led to Greek victories despite overwhelming odds
Q- The sun never set on her empire
R- this writing is one of the foundation documents of the Hindu faith
S- founder of the Buddhist faith
T- founded by Lao Tzu and characterized by Yin/Yang
U- Act of Union led to the creation of this
V- Romanian Prince who held back an Ottoman Invasion in 1462
W- led to the creation of the League of Nations
X- invented the first plain photocopier in 1959
Y- Battle in which Lord Cornwallis was defeated by the armies of Washington
Z- popularized with the samurai of Japan to help with focus and discipline

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