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Unique State AttributeState nameAdditional information
...has an obesity rate below 20%?
...with active oil rigs in its state's capitol grounds?
...has no official nickname?
...has just one not-for-profit four-year university?
...has both east and west borders made up by rivers?
...does not allow its citizens to carry concealed weapons?
...does not have commerical air service?
...has the only state flag with a historical figure on it?
...has a fjord, but is not on the Pacific?
...delivers mail by mule?
...hosted the conclusion of a foreign war?
...has designated an official 'State Christmas Tree' and 'State Carnivorous Plant?'
...has an official name made up of seven words? home to more than one Ivy League School?
...gained its sovereignty by proclamation of the President of the U.S.?
...has a two-sided flag? (i.e. differing designs on the obverse and reverse)
...does not have a McDonald's in its capital city?
...owns and operates its fleet of school buses?
...has a post office on a boat?
...changes the pronunciation of a river as it flows through its state?
...entered the U.S. via treaty, and not territorial annexation?
...has its state capital on an isthmus?
...has two completely separate rivers possessing the same name?
...uses a legal system not based on English common law?
...uses French in its state motto?
Unique State AttributeState nameAdditional information
...has appellate judges who wear red robes?
...has a man-made white-water raceway?
...produces star garnets?
...has a highest peak lower than its highest point?
...has just one town? officially bilingual?
...has a natural forest located in a city limits?
...uses the designation 'commonwealth' outside of the original 13 colonies?
...has a state question?
...has an official state metal?
...banned gay marriage twice?
...had a Miss America contestant win the title twice?
...uses a unicameral (single-house) legislature? made up of counties that are all listed as metropolitan areas?
...had land occupied by foreign troops during WWII?
...specifies its state's pronunciation by law?
...has one monument honoring both union and confederate armies?
...has a state capital directly on a time-zone demarcation line?
...has two federal reserve banks?
...cast more votes for Ross Perot than Bill Clinton in 1992?
..., of the current 48 states during WWII, did not have a battleship named after it?
...uses a demonym specifically set by state law and does not include the name of the state?
...has no voter registration?
...incorporates the Confederate flag into its state flag?
...has no state song?

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