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QUIZ: Can you name the red bricks given based on the level?

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Invasion on NabooI
Escape from NabooI
Mos Espa PodraceI
Retake Theed PalaceI
Darth MaulI
Bounty Hunter PursuitII
Discovery on KaminoII
Droid FactoryII
Jedi BattleII
Gunship CalvaryII
Count DookuII
Battle over CoruscantIII
Chancellor in PerilIII
General GreviousIII
Defense of KashyyykIII
Ruin of the JediIII
Darth VaderIII
Secret PlansIV
Through the Jundland WastesIV
Mos Eisley SpaceportIV
Rescue the PrincessIV
Death Star EscapeIV
Rebel AttackIV
Hoth BattleV
Escape from Echo BaseV
Falcon FlightV
Cloud City TrapV
Betrayal Over BespinV
Jabba's PalaceVI
The Great Pit of CarkoonVI
Speeder ShowdownVI
The Battle of EndorVI
Jedi DestinyVI
Into the Death StarVI

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