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Can you work your way up to the level 10 bunker?

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Which bounty hunter wears a yellow suit? A) IG-88 B) Bossk C) Greedo D) 4-Lom1
How many levels are there? A) 32 B) 34 C) 36 D) 382
Who are the two starting characters? A) Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon-Jinn B) Obi-Wan, C3PO C) Obi-Wan, Jar Jar Binks D) Nobody3
Which of these studs is worth $100? A) Silver B) Gold C) Blue D) Purple4
Which of these levels is in Episode 3? A) Secret Plans B) Gunship Calvary C) Battle Over Coruscant D) Cloud City Trap5
Which of these is a bounty hunter weapon? A) Lightsaber B) Jetpack C) Bowcaster D) Thermal Detonators6
How many colors of lightsabers are there? (counting yellow) A) 4 B) 3 C) 5 D) 67
How many hearts does a usual “boss” have? A) 7 B) 9 C) 8 D) 108
How many gold bricks in all are there? A) 160 B) 200 C) 300 D) 1209
How do you unlock “New Town”? A) Unlock with studs B) Unlock with minikits C) Unlock with gold bricks D) Secret code10
What is the name of Jabba’s palace guards? A) Gamorrean Guard B) Skiff Guard C) Royal Guard D) Tusken Raider11
When do you unlock the bounty hunter missions? A) 50 gold bricks B) 100 gold bricks C) complete all episodes D) Unlock all bounty hunters12
How much does score x10 cost? A) 1,000,000 studs B) 20,000,000 studs C) 10,000,000 studs D) 100,000,000 studs13
*Bonus* What is the name of the Cantina bartender? A) Momaw Nadon B) Aka Snit C) Ree-Yees D)Wuher14

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