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Name the most famous nintendo character
In what game did this character first appear in?
How about the most famous sega character?
In what fictional city did Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 take place?
Name the main character in Final Fantasy VII
Pikachu evolves FROM this pokemon....
Pikachu evolves INTO this pokemon....
Finish this game title, Castlevania II: _____
What is Sergeant Gary Sanderson's nickname in COD:Modern Warfare 2
Name the main character in Halo 1,2 and 3
What RPG features characters such as Max, Darksol, Kane, and King Ramladu?
What is the full name of the bounty hunter in the Metroid series
Name the creator/producer responsible for games such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania (the answer is a corporation)
Can you name the three cities that make up the setting in the original Grand Theft Auto? (first answer)
(second answer)
(third answer)
Good, now can you name the entire crew of Starfox 64? (first crew member)
(second crew member)
(third crew member)
(fourth crew member)
Name this game by description: A group of adventerers who travel through time to prevent global catastrophe. The main characters include Crono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, and Robo
Name the setting of the original Legend of Zelda game
Name the main character in Earthbound (Mother 2)
Name the Nintendo 64 device that supplied force feedback to the controller (made it vibrate) in certain situations
Gory fighting series featuring famous characters such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage
Platformer for the Playstation in which the player controls a young, purple dragon and his dragonfly friend.
Famous fighting game featuring characters such as Yoshimitsu, King, Panda, Prototype Jack, and Anna Williams
Main character of the Half Life series?
You were born in Vault 101 and escape at the age of 19. With the help of your pipboy 3000 you leave the vault in search of your father. Name this game.
The classic first person shooter in which the player controlls William 'B.J.' Blazkowicz as he attempts to escape from a Castle teeming with Nazis.
Villain of Crash Bandicoot
Character in Diddy Kong Racing who later had a 'bad fur day'
Who did Billy and Jimmy of Double Dragon team up with in a later game?
Name the level in Mario Kart 64 featuring belly flopping penguins
Do you know the name of M. Bison's crime syndicate? (from the Street Fighter series)
Who created the Robot Masters from the Mega Man series
You are Agent 47, you are a contract killer sent around the world to assassinate various targets. Name this series.
Who do you play as in the series God of War?
In Final Fantasy X, what sport is Tidus a superstar in throughout the game?
First person shooter including weapons such as the Klobb, PP7, Proximity Mines, and the DD44 Dostovei

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