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Famous for the debate against Abraham Lincoln
A first president from the Republican Party
Nickname of six abolitionists who secretly funded John Brown's Raid
An Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
A proposal made by Stephen Douglas that virtually nullified the Missouri Compromise
A slave responsible for the famous Supreme Court case
A presidential election in which Lincoln was elected
A presidential candidate of Southern Democrats in the election of 1860
A president who failed to prevent the South secession
A location where the Civil War started
A bill which David Wilmot proposed an amendment to it
A territory which Free-Soil Party wanted to ban slavery on
A proslavery constitution supported by President Buchanan but defeated in Congress
The Union of the South formed in 1861
President of Confederate States of America
A state that first decided secession from the Union
A state that suffered from violence between pro- and antislavery forces in 1855
A claim that Cuba naturally belonged to the United States
Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Catholic party
A solution to slavery that suggested residents in the states to decide slavery's fate

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