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Who is the microtubule organizing center?
Functions of MTs (microtubules)
3 Types of cell junctions:
The cytoplasm of cells are connected to their neighboring cells, and particles can be exchanged.
Provides movement for sperm
Cilia can move things across the cell membrane. True or False
Individual proteins that make up gap junctions are called
Microfilaments are organized around centrioles. True or False
Desmosomes connect to
Cell surface extension that has predictable 9+2 tubulin shape, and dynein is its motor protein
List diameter size: largest to smallest for cytoskeleton
Microtubules are made up of
Microfilaments are made up of
Microfilaments are a double helix of actin. True or False
A role of intermediate filaments is to provide strength and support to cells. True or False
Is elastin a highly hydrophobic or hydrophilic protein?
Tight junctions are which type of cell junction:
Which molecule attaches desmosomes to each other?
Which molecule attaches hemidesmosomes to the basal lamina?
The ________ are a family of homophilic CAMs, Ca2+-dependent

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