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What is the main industry in the Pilbara?
What town, named after a ship captain, boasts one of the largest iron ore export ports in the world?
What shire in the Pilbara is actually the third largest local government area in the world?
Which town in the Pilbara has set the world record for most consecutive days over 37.8 degrees/100 degrees farenheit?
Which Peninsula holds the worlds largest and most important collection of petroglyphs (rock art)?
Which island, in the Dampier Archipelago, is found to have examples of stone houses over 9000 years old built by aboriginal Australians?
The Pilbara Strike, the first strike by aboriginal Australians, began in which year?
What is the name of the national park situated within the Hamersley Ranges?
In what year did a MacRobertson Miller Airlines flight crash near Indee Station killing all 26 people on board?
What year was Wittenoom, a former asbestos mining town, officially degazetted?

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