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Can you name the Mexican Presidents since the Mexican Revolution?

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Year of RulePresidentHint
1911-1913One of the politians that led the revolt against Porfirio Diaz
1913-1914called the Jackal and ruled an authoritarian presidency for a short period time
1914-1920Primer Jefe of the constitutional army from 1913-1915
1920-1920Put an end to Carranza governement
1920-1924Assasinated in 1928 by after being re-elected president by a Cristero
1924-1928Implemented La Ley Calles which started the Cristero war between the Revolutionary government and Catholics
1928-1930Faced with a student strike he made UNAM autonomous
1930-1932Resigned from Presidency after an attempt on his life
1932-1934Interim President after the President in 1930-1932 resigned
1934-19401938 expropriated oil from foreign companies and led a campaign of land reform
1940-1946Initiated the Bracero program with the US during WWII
Year of RulePresidentHint
1946-1952Known as the playboy president for his part in promoting and developing Acapulco as a tourist destination
1952-1958Granted women the right to vote in national elections
1958-1964Implemented land and social reforms
1964-1970Oversaw the military occupation of UNAM during the 1968 student protests
1970-1976Tried to reuinte government and students after the Tlatelolco Massacre of 1968
1976-1982Nationalized the country's banking system in 1982
1982-1988his administration mishandled the 1985 Mexican earthquake
1988-1994Negotiated NAFTA with the US and Canada
1994-2000Became PRI's candidate after presidential candidate Colosio was assasinated in Tijuana
2000-2006first president elected from an opposition party since the Mexican Revolution
2006- presentdeclared a drug war that led to violence in Mexico

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