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Masked superstar who debuted in WWF in the late 90's as a foil for the pro-Canada Hart FoundationNFL
WWE Hall of Famer who famously wore an arm cast for years after his injury had healedNFL
WWF's weekly talk/variety show in the 80's, hosted by Vince McMahon and Lord Alfred HayesNFL
This man terrorized The Sandman in ECW, led The Flock in WCW, and won the Hardcore Title 27 times in WWENFL
Nickname of former WWWF World Champion Ivan KoloffNFL
Mickey Rourke's character in 'The Wrestler' was this washed-up star who struggled with life after wrestlingNFL
Before he was 'Y2J,' Chris Jericho was known by this nickname internationally and in WCWNFL
1970's WWE legend who used a Native American gimmick to go on the warpath against opponentsNFL
Former Nation of Domination member who became the first 'Euro-Continental Champion'NFL
Japanese legend and NWA World Champion who co-founded All Japan Pro WrestlingNFL/MLB
This tournament took place on its eponymous WWF/WWE Pay-Per-View every June from 1993 through 2002NHL/NBA
Owen Hart performed under the guise of this superheroic star, urging viewers to take their vitamins, say their prayers, and drink their milkNHL/NBA
John Tenta used this 'monster' gimmick while he was a member of the Dungeon of Doom in WCWNHL
Hall of Famers Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura starred in this iconic 1987 sci-fi action movieNHL
After ditching Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Sable accompanied this man, her then-husband, to the ring in WWFNHL
WWF Pay-Per-View that aired exclusively in the United Kingdom in 1998, headlined by a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWF TitleNHL
High-risk and often dangerous finishing move popularized in the US by Billy KidmanNHL
Mild-mannered reporter Gregory Helms first transformed into this superhero alter ego during WWF's Invasion eraNHL
Before becoming the 1-2-3 Kid, Sean Waltman was known as 'The Kid,' 'Cannonball Kid,' 'Kamikaze Kid,' and this nameNHL
2-time AWA Tag Team Champion team of Jim Brunzell and Greg GagneNHL
This wrestler had an 'overweight' gimmick in NXT before founding his own storyline brand of fitnessNBA
Sheamus is commonly known by this nickname (the 'Laoch' he wears on his gear references this name in Irish)NBA
One-half of the Legion of Doom, known for the catchphrase 'Ohhhhhh What a Rush!'NBA
The Rock and Mankind famously competed in an Empty Arena Match at this event during the 1999 Super BowlNBA
Hall of Fame manager from the 1970's who led Fuji & Tanaka, Pat Patterson, Stan Stasiak, and 'Superstar' Billy Graham to championship goldNBA
Tag team finishing move of Karl Anderson and Luke GallowsNBA
Two-time WWE Women's Champion who rose to fame in ECW by wrestling against menNBA
Renowned independent tag team formed by brothers Nick and Matt JacksonNBA
Christopher Daniels used this moniker for the majority of his wrestling careerMLB
Four-time AWA Tag Team Champion, known as 'The Blond Bomber' and 'The Crippler'MLB
Paul Burchill infamously traced his lineage back to this group and paid tribute to them in his wrestling characterMLB
Masked Japanese character used by several different wrestlers, originally based off a manga series about professional wrestlingMLB
Multi-time ROH Tag Team Champion with several different teams, including the Rottweilers, No Remorse Corps, and Forever HooligansMLB
Pair of former WWE Divas Champions who often duped opponents by switching places in the middle of matchesMLB
An original in TNA's X Division, this Puerto Rican star is a 3-time X Division Champion and teamed with AJ Styles to win the ROH Tag Team TitlesMLB
Pat Patterson is usually credited with creating this annual, 30-man, over-the-top-rope classicMLB

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