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Can you name the Mega Man game by its fortress bosses?

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Mecha Dragon, Picopico-kun, Guts-Dozer, Boobeam Trap
Weapons Archive, Crab Puncher, Block Devil
Spike Shooters, Shark Submarine, Twin Devil
Kamegoro Maker, Yellow Devil MK-II, Holograph Mega Mans, Gamma
Mothraya, Square Machine, Cockroach Twins, Cossack Catcher, Metall Daddy, Tako Trash
'Rounder 2, Power Piston, Metonger Z, Mechazaurus, Tank-CS2
Ballade, Satellite Cannon, Bridge, Hunter
Terra, Skull Blazer, Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, L. Knuckle & R. Knuckle, Sunstar
Guts Man G, Bass & Treble, Gamerizer, HannyaNED²
Dark Man, Big Pets, Circring Q9
Punk, Giant Suzy
Yellow Devil, Copy Robot, CWU-01P
Atetemino Proto, King Tank, King Plane, King, Jet King Robo
Atetemino, Bliking, Bass & Treble, Green Devil

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