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The only ten-time WCW Tag Team Champions
The name of CM Punk's first WWE entrance theme
What Kane walks through to enter an arena (usually according to Jim Ross)
WCW tag team of Scott Norton and Ice Train
ECW's summer Pay-Per-View
The original redheaded Nitro Girl
Scott Taylor's nickname as part of the tag team Too Much
Scott Taylor's ring name as part of the tag team Too Cool
Mr. McMahon's iconic on-air phrase for 'future endeavored' performers
Former TV Champion and one-half of the Boogie Knights in WCW
Common wrestling takedown, often used as a starting position for moves like the Attitude Adjustment and GTS
The Undertaker and Kane made this match, in which the winner must set the loser on fire, famous
Sting and Vampiro made this match, in which the winner must set the loser on fire, infamous
Eddie Guerrero was known by this nickname for nearly his entire WWE run
Red-masked member of CHIKARA's The Colony stable
Famous nickname of Eddie Gilbert
Common finishing maneuver of John 'Bradshaw' Layfield
'Badda bing…', NXT's Carmella claims to be this
The name of Randy Orton's entrance theme after his original split from Evolution
MTV broadcast this WWF show during the Attitude Era
Dangerous finishing maneuver of Kenta Kobashi
Fan term for a crowd reaction drawn by a wrestler the fans don't want to see, made famous by Sean Waltman

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