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Can you name the True Blood places and characters?

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Spirit summoned by witch leader, Marnie, in Season 4A
Town where Sookie livesB
Last name of Sookie's first vampire loveC
Mean-spirited female vampire that dies in season 1 house fireD
He, unknowingly, ate Daphne's (cooked) heartE
Vampire that was obsessed with TaraF
Eric's makerG
He hates dollsH
Her human companion betrayed the vampires using the Fellowship of the SunI
Sookie's brotherJ
Last name of actor who plays Sookie's brotherK
Bill's makerL
State where the Edgington manor is locatedM
First name of actor who plays LafayetteN
Last name of actor who plays RussellO
Last name of Alcide's former fianceeP
Sophie Anne's formal titleQ
He killed AdeleR
True Blood is based on the Sookie ______ NovelsS
Army veteran who fought in IraqT
Bill killed him in to avenge Sookie's childhood traumaU
Lafayette used to obtain this from EddieV
Type of supernatural that Crystal isW
Movie franchise that actress who plays Sookie is part ofX
True Blood is produced by this production companyY

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