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Can you name the TV Show from the 3 words or phrases that have significance in each one?

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Key WordsTV Show
Speech, Juice, Her?
Winter, Dragons, Bastard
Yo, Ricin, Bitch
Classic, Phrasing, Danger Zone
Dingo, Frogger, Soup
Dark Passenger, Code, Blood
Doppler Effect, W.O.W., Bazinga
Others, Hatch, Dude
Ducks, Whack, Psychiatrist
Barbie, Two Thumbs, Damn
Key WordsTV Show
Blerg, TGS, Dealbreaker
Chicken, Mommy, Surfin' Bird
Waitress, Flip Flip Flip, Nightman
Circle, Wisconsin, Dumbass
Mmmm, Life-Long Dream, Donuts
Mouse Rat, Literally, Bacon and Eggs
Paintball, Spanish, Worst
Sandwich, Pumpkin, Duck Tie
Pandemic, Corners, 5-0
Walkers, Barn, Crossbow

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