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Whose portrait hangs opposite the Room of Requirement?His portrait depicts him attempting to teach trolls ballet!!
Which dragon does Fleur Delacour have to face?Not the Chinese Fireball (Ooooh!!!)
Where does Malfoy tell Harry to go for their 'duel' in their first year?
Who tells Tom Riddle he must come back and apply again in a few years when he applies for the job of Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher?
Finish this Dumbledore quote: 'I will only have truly left this school when none here are.....'
When the Riddles are murdered at the beginning of The Goblet of Fire, who tells the people in the pub that Frank Bryce has been arrested?'Told you I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Frank, didn't I Dot?'
In which year was Nearly Headless Nick (badly) beheaded?31st October (Halloween!)
Who lets slip to Yaxley that Harry potter will be moving from Privet Drive?The worst auror in the history of the ministry!
Whose spell causes George Weasley to lose his ear?
What attack Ron in the Department of Mysteries?

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