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Can you name the Name The Top 11 Destructive Weapons?

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1Sends A Storm Of Mini Cluster Nuke missiles
2send a carpet bomb of ion bombs
3few ion cannons drop in a area
4shoots a immense storm of bullets
5drops nuclear bomb that spawns a nucleartornado with radiation
6orders a plane that drops a bomb that disables every thing in a large radius for a long time
7send a large amount of napalm shells to a area and creats firestorms
8Orders 9 B2-Bombers Thats Carpet Bombs Fuel-Air-Bombs At An Area
9Increased Damage And Health And Captures A Target At The Same Time
10orders a large plane that drops a large amount of t-90s, t-80s, t-70s, at an area
11summons a very large amount of clouds at an areas thats rains anthrax gamma and creates very heavy lightning

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