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Forced Order
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A torpedo Decoy
Data Links
DDG 79-113 +6 VLS, +MFTA, -SQR 19, Added helo hangars
Tactical Towed Arry for very long range passive detection of submarines
Seduces anti-ship missiles away for a soft kill
Surface Search Radar, 2D, short range, navigation and improved signal processing for auto target detection
Surface ship sonar, can be active or passive
Electronic Warfare Sensor
DDG 51-71
3D Air Seach Radar S-Band
DDG 72-78 improved gun systems
Controls target illumination for terminal guidance of missiles
Anti-swarm tactics, can engage 1.2 nm out
Super Rapid Bloom Offboard Countermeasures Chaff and Decoy Launching System. Can be Chaff or infared
Primary Mission
Secondary Mission
8 available anti-ship missile
Last line of defense against anti-ship missiles. 4500 rpm
For shore bombardment and against surface ships
Surface Search Radar, 2D, short range, navigation and limited low-flyer detection and tracking
2 available, capable of shooting MK46/54

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