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Can you name the Rayman game (1,2,3 or M) from the level?

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Land of the Livid Dead
Whale Bay
On and On
The Canopy
Sunset Coast
Dark Sewer
The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava
Longest Shortcut
Pink Plant Woods
Tomb of the Ancients
Pencil Pentathlon
Spellbound Forest
Born to Slide
Hard Rocks
Zenith Harbour
1000 Waterfalls
Crystal Palace
Treasure Ship
Fairy Council
Forgotten Dungeon
Mr Dark's Dare
Timber Wood
The Bayou
Palm Beach
Bongo Hills
Haunted Yard
Big Bang
Swamps of Forgetfulness
Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava
Mr Sax's Hullabaloo
Twilight Gulch
Electric Final
First Ruins
Shadow Plain
The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire
Anguish Lagoon
The Crow's Nest
The Fairy Glade
Tower of the Leptys
Gong Heights
Pipe Maze
Allegro Presto
Coconut Island
Speed Stress
Spooky Towers
Forest Jump
Space Mama's Crater
Eat at Joe's
Eraser Plains
Gemstone Temple
The Top of the World
The Echoing Caves
Rise and Shrine
Bog of Murk
The Sanctuary of Water and Ice
Moskito's Nest
Desert of Knaaren
Ghastly Trees
Dawn Sand
Water Canyon
The Iron Mountains
Hoodlum Headquaters
The Menhir Hills
Ly's Palace
Mr Skops' Stalactites
Summit Beyond the Clouds
Lava Factory
The Precipice
The Woods of Light
Nebulous Tower
The Marshes of Awakening
The Cave of Bad Dreams
Mr Stone's Peaks
Clearleaf Forest
The Prison Ship

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