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Lead, Year of ReleaseFilm Name
Mike Myers, 2004
Keanu Reeves, 1991
Anthony Wong, 2003
Lloyd Bridges, 1982
Patrick Stewart, 1996
Leslie Nielsen, 1991
Ron Perlman, 2008
Robert Carlyle, 2007
Wesley Snipes, 2002
Robert Englund, 1987
Oliver Reed, 1974
Chevy Chase, 1989
Bruce Willis, 1995
Tom Atkins, 1982
Tom Cruise, 2006
Michael J Fox, 1990
Jeff Goldblum,1997
Zach Galligan,1990
Jada Pinkett Smith,1997
Fairuza Balk, 1985
Mel Gibson, 1989
David Emge, 1978
Yves Montand, 1986
Anjelica Huston,1993
Paul Newman, 1986
Lead, Year of ReleaseFilm Name
Harrison Ford, 1989
Daniel Radcliffe, 2004
Michael J Fox, 1989
Tobey Maguire, 2004
Mark Hamill,1983
Antonio Banderas, 1995
Lori Cardille, 1985
Matt Damon, 2007
Robert Englund, 1994
Gene Hackman, 1975
Daniel Radcliffe, 2007
Harrison Ford, 1984
Michael Keaton, 1992
William Shatner, 1982
Patrick Stewart, 2003
Bruce Campbell, 1987
Christopher Reeve, 1980
Ethan Hawke, 2004
Matt Damon, 2004
Mark Hamill, 1980
Christian Bale, 2008
Tom Hanks, 1999
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1991
Al Pacino, 1974
Sigourney Weaver, 1986

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