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goodbye my friend so long light falls away gone another dayTake one
you saw the way that I fell but I'm better off by myself thats the tale I like to tellFor Your Entertainment
well the winter it goes on i know but i can see the oceanTake One
from New York to LA gettin' high rockin' Rollin'For Your Entertainment
and i told 'em about a quality and it's true you're either wrong or your rightAmerican Idol Top 13
So they paved the road to providence and lined up the memories in reference to what is dead and goneTake One
I'll be your mirror darlin' let your hair downFor Your Entertainment
Your skin is burnin' at the sight of me your mask can't hide what your thinkin' don't ask don't tellFor Your Entertainment
Don't know why, I'm surviving every lonely day When there happens to be no chance for meAmerican Idol Top 7
We'll never get to far just you me and the bar silly menage a trois sometimesFor Your Entertainment
When i'm drivin' in my car and the man comes on the radio he's tellin' me more and moreAmerican Idol Top 36
so walk me through back through the fieldsTake One
i'm gonna send ya back to schoolin' American Idol Top 4
I keep runnin' into walls that i can't break downFor Your Entertainment
Take a good look at my face you'll see my smile looks out of placeAmerican Idol Top 10
it melts in your face and not in your armor allFor Your Entertainment
i ain't ever met nobody better-er your someone else's babyFor Your Entertainment
what will it be this time just waiting for your callTake One
Birds flyin' high you know how i feel sun in the sky you know how i feelAmerican Idol Top 5
there might have been a time where i would give myself awayFor Your Entertainment
well they were dancin' they were singin' and movin' to the grovin'American Idol Top 9
All my life i've been waiting pass my time procrastinatingFor Your Entertainment
Is it gettin' better or do you feel the sameAmerican Idol Top 3
tell a stranger that they're beautiful so all you feel is loveFor Your Entertainment
went down down down and the flames got higherAmerican Idol Top 11
'Cause all the girls and the boys wanna know how far this bad wild child's gonna goFor Your Entertainment
lookin' for adventure and whatever comes our wayAmerican Idol Top 7
Every kiss i can't forget this achin' heart ain't broken yetFor Your Entertainment
So it would appear i left my heart hereTake One
And you've had enough searchin' for love but you miss the touch of someone newFor Your Entertainment
Bright and early for the daily races goin' nowhere goin' nowhereAmerican Idol Top 8
snake bites aligning stars i'm in rapture there is no cureFor Your Entertainment
Are we ready right now i dont know somehow it feels so right it's time for a flightTake One
I know the battles of chasing the shadows of what you wanna beFor Your Entertainment
There was a time when i was so broken heartedAmerican Idol Top 3
move to the music we can roll all nightAmerican Idol Top 4
makes me want you baby can't you feel it oh it makes me want you it's a certain kind of crazyFor Your Entertainment
Seconds hours so many days you know what you want but how long can you waitAmerican Idol Top 2
There's no way to ring the alarm so hold on 'till it's overFor Your Entertainment
i was born by the river in a little tent and just like that river i've been runnin' ever since American Idol Top 2

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