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Product DescriptionEponymous Brand NameTrademark Holder
Soft Facial Tissue
Plastic Adhesive Bandage Strip
Soda Pop
Instant Soft-drink Mix
Cellophane Adhesive Tape
Colored Ice Candy on a Stick
Correction Fluid
Extruded Polystyrene Insulating Foam
Fruit Flavored Gelatin
Self-stick Removable Reminder Label
Hook and Loop Fastener
Thermal Insulated Flask or Box
Power-driven Stair System
Product DescriptionEponymous Brand NameTrademark Holder
Pen-style Highlighting Marker
Antiseptic Mouthwash
Plastic Food Storage Wrap
Compact Sport-utility Station Wagon
Effervescent Antacid Soda
Smoked Pork and Ham Luncheon Loaf
Pre-whipped Cream Topping
Plastic, Snap-action Building Block
Rotary Card File
Pure Petroleum Jelly
Flavored Lip Balm Stick
Cotton Swab Applicator
Handheld Radio-cassette Player

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