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Can you name the Welcome to Night Vale weather broadcasts from an excerpt from their lyrics?

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I speak in ancient tongues, I stare straight at the sun
The wrong step would be not to start this exodus
It's cold in this house and I ain't going out to chop wood
Manipulated it, we finagled it, mixed and mangled it
That mean old city, baby, she just ain't no good
I was searching for something I could not describe, so I stared at the sun till tears filled my eyes
Just because they were animals doesn't mean they couldn't have been men
I know this, I know, I don't know
Ooh, baby, just gimme my ticket to hell
And now the town is empty, empty as a mirror, empty as the harbour and the barber's chair
Maar het spijt me, homie begrijp me, als jij het niet doet, doe ik het voor ons beiden
Don't lie to yourself, almost ain't good enough, ain't no extra lives
But they're not brilliant, they're just burning brilliantly
But there's this conscience that we fight so hard against
They met at his wedding, but by then he had a wife
All you've got is style, I can see it from a mile away
Getting by, who knew that we could fly this low
At a nightclub engagement, we sang on the stage in a voice that was broken and tuneless
My face beneath the streetlamp, it reveals what it is lonely people seek
Every day I hear somebody say something like, 'Yeah, I just got back from China, backpacking and giving food to children'
I've starved my days, I've drowned my nights
'Cause we're artists after all, so what else would fate have us make besides art?
All the ancient kings came to my door, they said, 'Do you want to be an ancient king too?'
He sits by the water, his reflection to admire
I guess if I wanted to move now I could
Love never came to me, it moves unscientifically
Tell me, why don't I fight it? What does it say about me?
Well I'm just a kid of ill repute, but the skin I wear's my only suit
Guess you better keep your pants on, no more tables left to dance on
Barefoot, parking lot, getting high in Portland, Oregon
And I'm trying to stick it to Freud, I'm lying low and I'm filling that void
Oh, how sweetly I do sleep on the bathroom tile where the porters sweep
There'll be some organs, there might even be sax
Take a breath, my heart, and hold your tongue
How I howl in your sweet memory
Shake off your shoes, forgive and be forgiven
I used to be an angry man, I wanted things that weren't mine
And I pray to blades of grass to find forgiveness in the weeds
The sidewinder drinks and gambles, the golddigger strikes his damsels
These nights are transient, there's nothing in each episode that can't be washed away
Vrijheid in je geest, ik ben blijkbaar een leider
She met some other man and gave his name to my son
One morning, we woke up in an alley, to the smell of urine, alcohol, trash and gasoline
There's a grey one, blue one, red one, all of them turned away
I think she lives around here, I see her almost daily
They're flying halfway round the world at frenzied pace to try and find some miracle cure
Dead fur and almond wood, storm crosses over Mount Hood
Hoy todos tus besos igual que una flor están enterrados en mi corazón
So many angles and tangled components, that everybody wanna touch, just for the moment
Thought I could forgive you, but it's funny how long this pain can last

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