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Titles of Songs Musicals
'Bloody Mary', 'Younger than Springtime', & 'Some Enchanted Evening'
'Jolly Holiday', 'Being Mrs. Banks', & 'Spoonful of Sugar'
'I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love', 'Not the Boy Next Door', & 'I Still Call Australia Home'
'I'm Not Afraid of Anything', 'She Cries', & 'Flying Home'
'I Want to Make Magic', 'Bring on Tomorrow', & 'Think of Meryl Streep'
'Your Song', 'One Day I'll Fly Away', & 'Come What May'
'Knowing Me, Knowing You', 'Lay All Your Love on Me', & 'The Winner Takes it All'
'I'm Alive', 'I Miss the Mountains', & 'Superboy and the Invisible Girl'
'I Hope I Get It', 'Sing!', & 'One'
'Sherry', 'Walk Like a Man', & 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You'
'Shine', 'Expressing Yourself', & 'Electricity'
'They Live in You', 'One by One', & 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'
'Old Devil Moon', 'If This Isn't Love', & 'Fiddle Faddle'
'Poor Thing', 'Kiss Me', & 'Not While I'm Around'
'I Wish I Were in Love Again', 'Imagine', & 'My Funny Valentine'
'Schadenfreude', 'Purpose', & 'If You Were Gay'
'Heart', 'Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets', & 'The Game'
'Maria', 'I Feel Pretty', & 'Cool'
'Think of Me', 'Prima Donna', & 'The Point of No Return'
'All For One', 'Diva's Lament', & 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'
'Hello, Little Girl', 'Giants in the Sky', & 'Your Fault'
'Strange Magic', 'Don't Walk Away', & 'Suspended in Time'
'Serious', 'Ireland', & 'Chip on My Shoulder'
'It Couldn't Please Me More', 'Perfectly Marvelous', & 'Married'
'I Can't Do It Alone', 'Me and My Baby', & 'Mr Cellophane'
'It Won't Be Long Now', Pacienca y Fe', & 'When the Sun Goes Down'
'Just You Wait', 'Show Me', & 'I Could Have Danced All Night'
'Hey There', 'Her Is', & 'Steam Heat'
Titles of Songs Musicals
'Maybe', 'Little Girls', & 'Easy Street'
'Every Story is a Love Story', 'How I Know You', & 'Easy as Life'
'My Husband Makes Movies', 'Only With You', & 'Be On Your Own'
'It's Alive!', 'Puttin' on the Ritz', & 'Frau Blucher'
'Little Known Facts', 'My Blanket and Me', & 'Happiness'
'Confrontation', 'I Dreamed a Dream', & 'A Heart Full of Love'
'Part of Your World', 'Under the Sea', & 'Poor, Unfortunate Souls'
'Kansas City', 'I Cain't Say No', & 'People Will Say We're in Love'
'Matchmaker', 'Miracle of Miracles', & 'Do You Love Me?'
'Put on a Happy Face', 'One Boy', & 'Spanish Rose'
'I Believe', 'Left Behind', & 'Those You've Known'
'Something Bad', 'A Sentimental Man', & 'Wonderful'
'It Takes Two', 'Big, Blonde, and Beautiful', & 'Without Love'
'I Whistle a Happy Tune', 'Getting to Know You', & 'Shall We Dance?'
'We Can Do It', 'That Face', & 'Betrayed'
'Da-Doo', 'Ya Never Know', & 'Now (It's Just the Gas)'
'I Do, I Do in the Sky', 'Show Off', & 'Accident Waiting to Happen'
'Pandemonium', 'I'm Not that Smart', & 'The Last Goodbye'
'I'll Know', 'Luck Be A Lady', & 'Marry the Man Today'
'Piano Lesson', 'Shipoopi', & 'Til There Was You'
'Get Me What I Need', 'Any Minute', & 'A Little More Homework'
'Today 4 U', 'Over the Moon', & 'Your Eyes'
'Too Many Tomorrows', 'I'm the Bravest Individual', & 'The Rhythm of Life'
'Coffee Break', 'A Secretary is Not a Toy', & 'I Believe in You'
'Cadillac Car', 'Family, & 'I Am Changing'
'I Can Make You a Man', 'Once in a While', & 'Don't Dream It, Be It'
'No Matter What', 'Something There', & 'If I Can't Love Her'

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