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Can you name the Weather Channel winter storm names?

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LetterNameExplanation given by TWC
AGreek goddess of wisdom
BJulius Caesar's best-known assassin
CTitle used by Roman emperors
DFirst legislator of ancient Athens
EGreek mathematician, father of geometry
FNorse god associated with fair weather
GCharacter in an 1896 fantasy novel
HOne of Zeus's daughters, from Troy
IEnemy of Shakespeare's Othello
JEnglish name for Jupiter (the god)
KMongolian conqueror and emperor
LRoman divine embodiment of the moon
MThe 'Father of Europe', in Latin, minus 'Carolus'
LetterNameExplanation given by TWC
NGreek boy's name meaning 'from the valley'
OBasque thunder god
PGreek philosopher, named by his wrestling coach
QBroadway express subway line in New York
RA single mountain in the Rockies
SRoman god of time, namesake of a planet
TMessenger of the sea in Greek myth
UFinnish god of sky and weather
VOne of Rome's greatest poets
WName from Old German for 'ruler'
XFourth king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire
YSomeone who practices yoga
ZSupreme god of Greek myth

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