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 In what year was Northwestern founded?
 In what city is Northwestern's main campus located?
 Give the full name of Northwestern's mascot.
 For whom is the School of Music named?
 Who is the current President of Northwestern University?
 Who is the Head Coach of the NU Football Team?
 Men's Basketball Team?
 Women's Basketball Team?
 Women's Lacrosse?
 Speaking of women's lacrosse, how many national championships has NU won since 2000?
 Who was the 2011 Commencement Speaker?
 Which former US Supreme Court Justice attended NU Law School?
 Which actress and singer attended Northwestern for less than a year before leaving to appear in films such as Elf and Almost Famous?
 What is the name of the campus 'secret society?'
 According to a rock on the path between The Rock and the library, what happened at that site in 1897?
 What is the name of the popular cafe located near the intersection of Clark and Sherman in downtown Evanston?
 What is the name of the deep dish pizzaria located across the street from Willard and Chapin Halls?
 What is the name of the Middle Eastern restaurant on Davis Street?
 Name the famous end-of-winter quarter charity event?
 What is the name of the organization that puts on Dillo Day?
 Which former Miss America (1998) is an NU graduate and Dolphin Show alumna?
 What is the name of NU's 'old' library?
 Name the oldest campus building still standing (and the second built)?
 Name the former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner whose house was willed to NU and is now the home of the Evanston History Center?
 Other than Evanston, in what two other cities is NU located?

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