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AFestivus tradition
BThe last name of George's Old Nemesis
CKramer's first name
DWhere Kramer claims he saw Joe Dimaggio dunking
EGeorge's mother
FGeorge's father
GWhat Jerry ordered for breakfast that squirted George in the eye
HSusan's father's first name
IWhere the four go in the famous 'backwards episode'
JAcquaintance/ business partner of the guys who refers to himself in the third person
KJerry's comedic 'rival'
LElaine's first boss's last name
MWhat Jerry guesses as his girlfriend's name when he knows it rhymes with a female body part
NJerry's Arch-enemy
OThe egg white style of these is served at Monk's, but not Reggie's
PFestivus tree substitute
QBorough where George's parents live
R'A young woman's strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk'
SFirst name of Elaine's old high school nemesis
TWhat George ordered first time he went to the Soup Nazi
UThe general region where Susan's father's cabin is located
VThe thing that Jerry does for fun that gets his girlfriend upset with him
WThe street Jerry lives on
YOne of the shows most famous catchphrases
ZThe last name of a family in Jerry's and Kramer's building with a kid named Joey

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