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Just got back from running 16 laps. Feel like I was born to do this.
Been partying all day. Time to go rock and roll for the night soon.
They can't fool me! I don't want to live much past 50. Time to go beat this weird kid at pinball, bbl.
Ugh. I hope my vacation to Panama comes soon. I'm feeling like an active volcano!
Off to rock and roll with my chocolate lab. Hoping to get some love tonight, cuz I need a whole lotta!
Going to ride my bicycle. I've been under sooo much pressure lately, so I need to unwind.
My girl is acting really cold today. Icy. :(. She's playing a lot of head games with me recently.
I asked out this girl last night and she was like 'dream on!' *Sigh* I guess I'll go see what Janie's doing.
Boy did I feel like a big shot today :). Hoping this feeling lasts when I go out with Layna later.
Saturday! Def going to the bar tonight. Maybe I'll see that short girl again. Boy can she dance!
Back in Russia. Gotta come together from the awful plane ride! And there's something I gotta remember. Something.
Grrr. It's 3:35 and I STILL can't sleep. I think I'll spend part of the weekend in the park.
Late for work because I was stuck at a crossing for a really long train :/ At least I listened to some music in the car.
Going out to look at the eclipse later. I really miss my girl, tho. I wish you were here!
Going to my class reunion, even though I said I would never go back. Maybe I'll see Rikki, though, and we can talk about all our years reeling :)
Maurice here. Waiting for my plane to take me away.
I need some peace of mind, man. And Amanda is making me tired.

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