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A nucleophilic acyl addition organic reaction occurs at this type of carbon
This drummer for Foreigner was one of the three original members to stay with the band into the '80's
This Connecticut town used to have the same zip code as a Rhode Island neighboring town
This tower in Albany, NY is the tallest tower in the state outside NYC
This President's last words were ''Tis well.' upon hearing his burial wishes would be carried out.
What did George Washington say as his last words when he heard his burial wishes were to be carried out?
The Corning Tower, the tallest tower in New York State outside NYC, is in what city?
Pawcatuck used to share a what with it's Rhode Island neighbor?
Dennis Elliot was the drummer for this hit '70's and '80's group
A carbonyl carbon reacts in this type of organic reaction
The Rite Aid corporation, based in Harrisburg, PA, bought out which Rhode Island based pharmacy chain?
This was the name of the shrubber who gave King Arthur the Shrubbery to give to the Knights Who Say 'Ni!'
Roger the Shrubber gave King Arthur the shrubbery to appease who?
This Harrisburg, PA based company bought out Brooks?

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