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Can you name the Yankee's history?

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Who wore number 1?
Who wore number 3?
Who wore number 32?
How many all-star games has Yogi Berra been selected to?
Who was the first yankee captain?
Who was the last player to win the rookie of the year?
Who was the first player in Yankee history to win the triple crown?
Who was the last player to win the triple crown?
Who had a Yankee record 18 stirkeouts in one game?
Name a pitcher who has thown a perfect game
Name another pitcher who has thorwn a perfect game.
Name the pitcher who threw a perfect game in the world series
Which Yankee hit for the cycle 4 times in his career?
How many world series have the Yankee's won?
Which Yankee is the all time leader in stole bases?
Red Ruffing leds the Yankees in which pitching category?
Who is the yankees manager?
Who did the Yankee's beat in the last world series?
in 1923 the first world series win for the Yankees, who did they beat?
in 1912 the Yankees changed their name to the Yankees from what?

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