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Power/Season First SeenCharacter
Space-Time Manipulation (1)
None (1)
Rapid Cellular Regeneration (Female) (1)
None Initially/Enhanced Strength, Agility, and Reflexes (1)
Persuasion (1)
Healing (1)
Phasing (1)
Memory Manipulation/Ability Suppression (1)
Precognition/Painting the Future (1)
Freezing (3)
Enhanced Speed (3)
Pyrotechnic (Female) (1)
Enhanced Strength (1)
Pyrotechnic (Male) (3)
Poison Emission (2)
Power/Season First SeenCharacter
Flight (1)
Technopathy (1)
Adoptive Muscle Memory (2)
Terrakinesis (4)
Telepathy (1)
Puppet Master (3)
Radiation Generation/Manipulation (1)
None Initially/Power Amplification/Energy Projection (1)
Ability Mimicry (1)
Enhanced Dreaming/Precognition (1)
Electric Manipulation (2)
Invisibility (1)
Intuitive Aptitude (1)
Rapid Cellular Regeneration (Male) (2)
Person Location (1)

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