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Can you name the Naruto Characters Based on their descriptions?

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'Orange Hokage'
Lives for Revenge
Loves a black haired Uchiha
Reads a pervy book all the time
Filler for Kakashi
'A fake smile can go a long way'
'love me Naruto'
Fights with dogs
Fights with bugs
Sensei of Team 8
Enjoys looking at clouds more than being a ninja
Can't go anywhere without his potato chips
Family owns a flower shop
Has a horrible smoking habit
Has the worlds best/worst eyebrows
Wears her hair in two buns
Son of Hizashi
Kakashi's 'Eternal Rival'
Oldest of the Sand Siblings
Has amazing purple face paint
Has no eyebrows
Sensei of the Sand Siblings
Old friend of Madara
Younger brother of Hashirama
Sensei of the Lengandary Sannins
'Yellow Flash'
Has a gambling problem
Mother of Naruto
Mother of Sasuke
Father of Sasuke
Mother of Sakura
Father of Sakura
Father of Kakashi
Father of Hinata
Mother of Kiba
Father of Shino
Father of Ino
Father of Choji
Mother of Shikamaru
Father of Shikamaru
Father of Neji
Mother of Sand Siblings
Father of Sand Siblings
Real leader of the Akatsuki
Made out of Hashirama cells
Has the Rinnegan
Uses paper to fight
Made himself into a puppet
Is obsessed with his art
Resembles a shark
A rogue Uchiha
An immortal man who prays to Jashin
Loves his money
Uses a flute to fight
An opponent who almost killed Choji
Resembles a spider
Can break their bodies down to a molecular size
Uses bones to fight
Leader of the Sound Village
Serves Orochimaru
Second Tsuchikage
Third Tsuchikage
Fifth Mizukage
Fourth Raikage
Granddaughter of Third Tsuchikage
Helper of Third Tsuchikage
Shy helper of Fifth Mizukage
Has Byakugan in one eye
Right hand man of Fourth Raikage #1
Right hand man of Fourth Raikage #2
Tsunade's assistant
Teacher at the Ninja Academy
Sensei of Konohamaru
'Honorable Grandson'
Kunoichi in Team Ebisu
Other student in Team Ebisu
Danzo stole an eye from him
'Sixth Hokage'
Kunoichi of Team Minato
Teuchi's daughter
An author of pervy books

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