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Which two knights were killed at the battle of the Bridge of Skulls?
Who is Beric Dondarrion's squire?
What is the name of the horn used by Ser Kennos of Kayce in A Feast For Crows?
Who fought against the Faith Militant?
What was the name of Illyrio's second wife?
How many High Septons have there been since the beginning of the series?
What does Petyr Baelish ask to be sent to him in the Eyrie from King's Landing?
Who is Lancel Lannister forced to marry?
Where is Quaithe from?
Why does Joffrey spare Ser Dontos?
Who does Arya recover Needle from in ASOS?
Who is the first of Arya's 'hit list' to die?
In whose castle does the royal party stay on the way south?
What is Sansa's nickname for Robert Arryn?
What is the nickname of the current High Septon?
Who does Joffrey have thrown by the Three **** before the Battle of the Blackwater
What body parts is Gared missing?
How did Rickard Stark die?
Which Lannisters know about Jaime and Cersei's incest (other than them, of course)?
Who takes the Hound's helmet and pillages Saltpans wearing it?
Who taught Mirri Maz Duur about the human body?
Which members of the Kingsguard (Joffrey's) died during A Clash of Kings?
What ship does Tyrion sail on with Jorah Mormont and Moqqoro?
How did Ser Cleos Frey die?
Who informs Brienne and Jaime of the Red Wedding?
What does Jaime say when he defenestrates Bran?

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