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Similar to electrical wire
The most common block
How many blocks a redstone current can go
The maximum delay in a repeater
Gained by right clicking a cow with a bucket
A passive mob which doesn't take fall damage
Neutral mob during the day
Allows the player to teleport
Rarest natural colur of sheep
Armour crafted with fire
Time it takes to mine obsidian with anything except a diamond pickaxe
The only unbreakable block
A mob which doesn't spawn naturally
The main file required to run Minecraft
The name of notch's blog
Main artist for Minecraft
Title of original Minecraft reveal video
Name a music disc
The update that added the most new features to Minecraft
Rumoured other inhabitant of single player world
Date Minecraft 1.0 was released
Date Minecraft Classic was released
First version of Minecraft to cost money to play
Height of a sheep (in blocks)
Zombies originally dropped when killed
Used to craft leather armour before the introduction of leather
Sheep originally dropped
_____ Friday update
Creeper model is based on
Name a block that uses translucent pixels

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