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QUIZ: Can you name the Lightsworn YuGiOh Cards?

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Boss monster and win condition of the deck
6 star that gains attack based on Lightsworns in grave
5 star that allows you to destroy opponent's cards when summoned
Special summons itself when milled
1850 beater that lets you draw when you mill
Gains attack when attacking an opponent's monster
Allows you to destroy opponent's spell/traps
Sends defense position monsters back to the deck
Burns opponent for 500 and gains you 500 when you mill
Protects all Lightsworns from being targeted
Lets you special summon Lightsworns from grave
3 star that gains attack based on Lightsworns in grave
Can destroy a card when flipped
Recycles Lightsworn monsters in grave on flip
Spell that lets you draw and mill by discarding a Lightsworn
Searcher spell
Equip which is equipped if milled
Field spell
Continuous trap that allows you to mill to negate attacks
Continuous trap that banishes top card of opponent's deck when you mill
Call of the Haunted for Lightsworn monsters
Counter trap that negates summons by tributing Lightsworns
Discard entire hand and refill it with light monsters

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